Kyle Crosby, Baraboo, WI

   "I am so happy and thankful that I was put I touch with David from DC Mitigation to handle our radon issue! He was an absolute pleasure to work with. He answered any and all my questions with professionalism and an abundance of knowledge, made the trip to Baraboo, WI to put in our system, and installed a quality unit with the details someone who truly cares about your well being would take the time to do. We ran two pre-mitigation tests with an average result of 27 pCi/L. After the system was installed, our post-test results came back at below 0.3 pCi/L! If you have a radon issue and are serious about protecting yourself, family, and/or future owners of your house; don't be fooled by flashy websites and cheap estimates. I trusted DC Mitigation and couldn't be happier or safer. Highly recommended!

Bruce Brown, Lyons, WI

  "If you are looking for an honest person that offers a great value for an investment in healthy living, I recommend DC Mitigation. My wife and I recently moved to Walworth County and read that average radon levels are 7.0 pCi/L- higher than the 4.0 EPA recommended maximum. When Dave came and measured are radon level, it was 12.3. We decided to have DC Mitigation install a system. I was very impressed with the high quality of the equipment, installation, and results. The fan is super quiet, and the only thing we see on the outside of the house is a 14" piece of 4" diameter schedule 40 pipe protruding through the garage roof. I see other systems that use what looks like downspout tin pipe on the outside of the house. I am glad Dave designed a way to install the entire system inside rather running up the outside of the house. I also like the way he sealed all the cracks in the basement floor. Our radon level after the installation is now 0.5 pCi/L. I am happy with the installation, five year warranty, and most of all the results!

Toni and Jon, Cottage Grove, WI

  "Called David (whom we did not know at the time) in panic after finding out our radon levels to be 60.4. When asking him if our results could be true, he said "yes, now after we talk, please go open a window and I'll see you ASAP". What an amazing guy! After 48 hours of David installing the system, we were down to 1.3.

Tony Weber, Lake Mills, WI

   "David was great! He installed my radon mitigation system and my levels went from 10.6 down to less than 0.3, which is less than levels outside!"

Nolan and Katy Stanton, Delavan, WI

  ​"David did a wonderful job installing our radon mitigation system. Our radon levels went from 14 to 0.5. Before and during installation David was able to answer any questions that arose and was very knowledgeable about radon, the installation process, and the benefits of installing a system. David was able to work with our aesthetic needs and install a vent that would not be obvious outside or inside our home. He is someone that is very personable. friendly, and professional. I would recommend his service to anyone needing to install a radon system in their home. DC Mitigation is a very reliable and quality business."

Ron and Vickie Punzel, Jefferson, WI

   ​"David from DC Mitigation installed a radon system in our home. When he called, he was friendly and able to explain things to us about how the system works. He was prompt coming out to our home and again explained any questions we had. He did the job in a timely manner and completely cleaned up after he was done, leaving everything neat and tidy. David even followed up with us to make sure radon numbers had gone down and the system was working as it should. We were very happy with the job David did for us and highly recommend DC Mitigation." 7.8 pCi/L to 0.3 pCi/L

Thomas and Lisa, Darien, WI

     "Our home had a radon level of 28.8 and after David installed or mitigation system it dropped to 1.2 within 48 hours. David was very knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely recommend David if you want quality work that is reasonably priced!"

Laura Stoller, Beloit, WI

    ​"DC Mitigation did a fantastic job of installing a residential radon mitigation system. After a home inspection, it was determined that we needed the installation in order to comply with acceptable levels for sale of the house. The initial test had us at a level of 9.8 pCi/L where 4 pCi/L or below is acceptable. After the installation, our subsequent test results came back at 1.1 pCi/L. Aside from the fact that the system works, David Cook was extremely pleasant to work with. He was attentive to all of my questions, quickly responding to e-mails and phone calls. He addressed any and all of my questions and concerns about the system and worked with me to find a route for the PVC pipe that would be least intrusive. His work was impeccable, leaving no mess and the finished system blended into the structure as much as possible. David treated this project as if it were his own home. His prices were very competitive and he even lowered the price when he ended up using less material than he initially estimated. He is ethical and honest. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend DC Mitigation to anyone." 

Randy Deering, Lake Geneva, WI 

   "I cannot speak more highly of David Cook, the owner of DC Mitigation and the service he provided for me. In the process of a home inspection for selling my house, it test high for radon, with a reading of 17.3. David came to my house and accessed what needed to be done to correct my radon issues. He then installed an interior sub-slab depressurization system in my house, and got my radon level down to 0.3, which is equal to outdoor levels, with this system. I found him to always be on time and professional, considerate of the stress I was going through with this new found radon issue, easy to work with, and competitive in price. I will highly recommend David and DC Mitigation in the future."

Scott LeBaron, Williams Bay, WI 

  "Knowledgeable and friendly! Thanks, David, for getting our home quickly down to safe radon levels (like non-detectable). I appreciate the fast service and the patient explanation to all the probably dumb questions I had! I highly recommend DC Mitigation LLC."


Kelly and Jaime, Lake Geneva, WI

  "Our initial radon reading was 14 pCi/L...after David installed our system, the number went down to 0.9 pCi/L. He came out to give us a quote the same day we called and installed our system a week later. He is very polite, professional, and competent. We would highly recommend him and the company."

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Katherine B. Austin, Madison, WI

   "David of DC Mitigation did a fantastic job making our home safe! Our levels were above 14 pCi/l when we bought our home, but when David finished our levels came down to below 0.3 pCi/L. I feel confident we can raise our young children in our home now without fear of radon-related health concerns. David was prompt, professional, and thorough. He did not have a one-size-fits-all answer, but carefully considered the best solution for our specific situation. Highly recommend!"

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Glenn Weeden, Madison, WI

   "I recently had DC Mitigation (David Cook/Owner) install a radon mitigation system in my house in Madison, WI. The system was properly installed, the pressure on the system is in range, and David is very professional. I'm very pleased with the work and would recommend him to others. I just received my results from the in-home test. The results indicated a level of less than .03 pCi/L (basically zero).